A Disturbing Parallel

All of us know about world war 2. But few people seem to know much about what Germany was like shortly before the war. The parallels between pre world war 2 Germany and modern day America are disturbing. On February 27, 1933 the Richtag building (parliament or capitol building) was set on fire. The fire was blamed on a man found at the scene named Marinus Van Lubbe, a young unemployed bricklayer, and a Dutch communist. To this day, its still a debated topic regarding whether or not he was actually responsible for the fire. There are many who claim it was a false flag operation carried about by members within to Nazi party to further their agenda. Whether or not it was actually Marinus Van Lubbe or the Nazi party, the fact is, this event was used to support the Nazi’s claims that the communists were plotting against them, giving them an excuse to expand the power of the state. Immediately following the Richtag fire was the signing of the “Decree of the reich president for the protection of people and state” also known as the Richtag fire decree, which stripped the German people of many of their civil liberties. The decree was used as a legal basis to round up and imprison anyone considered to be opponents of the Nazi party. Right after that was the signing of the “Law to Remedy the Distress of the People and the State enabling act”, more commonly known simply as “the enabling act” which gave Hitler dictatorial power. He could create laws by decree, and those laws could not be challenged by any other part of the German government. Following that was the establishment of the national police force known as the gestapo. It was originally put together by Hermann Goring, number two man in the Nazi party. Over the period of a few years, all local law enforcement agencies in Germany were brought under national control by the gestapo. Throughout the following years. The gestapo was used to suppress dissent among the population. Anyone who openly opposed Hitler and the nazi party’s agenda were labled as enemies and traders. Many people were rounded up and disappeared under what was called schutzhaft, or protective custody as they called it. A power they gave themselves to detain a person indefinitely without judicial proceedings. All these things were done in the name of “national security”.

Does any of this sound familiar?

Modern day America. The false flag 9/11 events happened. Soon after, the PATRIOT act was passed by congress and signed by war criminal and trader George W Bush. The obscenely named law is from start to finish, an act of treason against the constitution of the United States. It’s a direct assault on our rights recognized by the bill of rights. Through the PATRIOT act, the government has granted itself the power to search a person’s private property or financial records without the consent or knowledge of the owner, the power to spy on citizens via telephone, email or any other electronic communications, the power to indefinitely detain anyone without charging them with a crime, without allowing them legal council, or being able to face their accuser. In such a situation, the person could even be labeled an “enemy combatant” in which case he/she could also be subjected to torture, or as they call it “enhanced interrogation”. This can all be done to a person on the accusation of being associated in any way shape or form with terrorism. Can you really say with a straight face that you trust them with that type of power? Also shortly following the 9/11 attacks was the formation of the department of homeland security, a federal agency tasked with protecting America from “terrorists”. Over the past years, the DHS has been gaining more and more control over local law enforcement. They have given them military type training and taught them to label constitutionalists, gun owners, libertarians, Christians, pretty much anybody who represents traditional America as potential “domestic threats”. The feds are also providing local law enforcement with mine- resistant armored vehicles. Don’t believe me? Go down to 1205 Dart street in Houston Texas and see what you find parked in the back. These are the same vehicles being used in war zones overseas. They have no practical purpose in daily policing activities. They are vehicles of war. Thats the only purpose they serve. So what are they doing on American streets? Who do they plan on having a war with? All these things are done in the name of “national security”.

In addition to that, several people who have challenged the feds on their unconstitutional power grabs, and people who simply knew too much have been viciously attacked. People like Gary Web, Aaron Swartz, Michael Hastings, Deborah Palfrey, Beverly Eckert, Phillip Marshal (and his two kids) were all murdered by our federal government, and the incidents were made to look like suicides or accidents. Don’t take my word for it. Look those names up for yourself.

The United States of America as most people think of it doesn’t exist anymore. Things like this dont happen in a free country. A militarized police state is being built around us. And dont think for a second that just because you personally haven’t been a victim of it means it doesn’t exist. We are living in 1930’s Germany. We’ve seen this movie before. We know how it ends. Do we want to keep going down this path? As long as the majority of Americans continue to be more concerned with how well their favorite sports team is doing instead of the prison thats being built around them, this problem with get bigger and bigger until it eventually consumes us all.

My outlook on the future is pessimistic. The deeper down this rabbit hole I go, the more I believe that our country, both government and citizenry is so far gone that theres no possibility of saving it. It makes me sad to admit, but thats what I see. The best I think we can do is brace for impact. The level of cushion we have against the impact will be based on the actions we take now. As I’ve said before, you must arm yourself with knowledge, it is both our shield and our sword. It’s the most powerful weapon in our arsenal. If we are aware of whats happening around us we have a better ability to prepare ourselves. Hopefully when the dust settles, we will be able to hold accountable the people in our government for the crimes they’ve committed against us, similar to the way the German people brought justice to the nazi party during the Nuremberg trials. The famous defense used by those on trial in Nuremberg was “I was just following orders” that excuse didn’t fly then, it isn’t gonna fly now. Put down the TV remote and pick up a book. Becoming educated takes time. The time is now. Right now. If you wait until the shit hits the fan, your gonna be too late.


Divide and Conquer

Divide and conquer is among the oldest strategies used by governments to gain or maintain power. Over the course of history it has been used by one nation to gain control over another, or for a nation to keep control over its own population by keeping them divided and distracted. Presently, we are seeing this tactic being used here in America against we the people. The federal government has stretched it’s tentacles far and wide, using every tool at it’s disposal to divide us along the lines of race, gender, financial class, sexual orientation, religion and so on. The strategy is to keep the population at war with each other in order to keep us distracted from the crimes the government is committing in plain sight, there by, “conquering” us. With the general population living in this illusionary world of republican vs democrat, and arguing about these relatively petty political issues and pointing fingers at each other, we are far too distracted to realize that we are pointing our fingers in the wrong direction. So far their plan is working great, and the average American is oblivious to the fact that they are pawns on the chess board of this big game.

It seems that one of their favorite ways to keep us divided is along the lines of race. We all know of our nation’s history of slavery. Its a dark spot on our history. Blacks were subjected to unimaginable cruelty and often were looked at as less than human. It truly is a shame that such things occurred. Today 149 years after the abolition of slavery, conditions in our culture have changed quite a bit. Blacks have equal rights under law, and rightfully so. Theres no such thing as “white only” restrooms or “white only” restaurants. All those things have been done away with. And its about time. No such things should exist in a free society. In addition to these things, the general attitude of whites toward blacks has changed. Despite all the ridiculous claims of racism we hear all the time, the fact is, racism these days is a very rare thing. I know there are still some people like that out there. But they are in the extreme minority. The average white person does not see a black person as lesser than himself. But racial division is constantly stirred up by the main stream, state controlled media. One of the latest examples was the George Zimmerman/ Trayvon Martin case. I guarantee you if these two guys were of the same ethnicity, this story would have never made the national news. They saw this as the perfect opportunity to stir up division. At around the same time that this happened, In Georgia, a white woman out walking with her 13 month old baby in his stroller were robbed by two black teenagers. They demanded money, when she said she didnt have any money, one of the teens grabbed her purse, shot her twice, one shot grazing her head, the other striking her in the leg, then he walked over to the stroller and shot the baby in the face killing him. This story barely got a mention in the national news. And why not? Because it doesent serve their purpose of stirring up racial division. Instead the media hammered the Zimmerman/ Martin story, and did everything they could to make Zimmerman appear to be a racist bastard. They constantly referred to him as white, even though he obviously is not, NBC knowingly and purposely edited the audio from the 911 call made by Zimmerman. This is what was actually said during the call:

Zimmerman: This guy looks like he’s up to no good. Or he’s on drugs or something. Its raining and he’s just walking around looking about.

Dispatcher: ok, and this guy- is he black, white or hispanic?

Zimmerman: He looks black.

But this is what the audience heard on NBC news:

Zimmerman: This guy looks like he’s up to no good. he looks black.

Footage from Zimmerman’s arrest was also doctored up to conceal his injuries.

In addition to that, news stations, magazines, and newspapers were constantly showing pictures of 12 year old Trayvon Martin, instead of 17 year old Trayvon Martin.

Regardless of your opinion on this case, the point is, the story was intentionally manipulated to stir up racial division among all of us. This strategy of theirs worked perfectly. For months this is all anyone talked about. Instead of being outraged over all the injustices being committed against us by our illegitimate, hijacked government, this was the number one topic we were focused on.

This is just one example of the countless divisionary tactics constantly being thrown in our face. While our country is literally falling apart around us, we are being distracted by manipulated news stories intended to keep us at war with each other. You must learn to be able to identify these games that they play and not let yourself be distracted by them. Only through a mass awakening will we have a chance to bring the thugs in the district of criminals to justice and restore our country to the constitutional republic it was intended to be. Stay focused my friends. And remember, only fools fight in a burning house.



How did this happen? and How do we fix it?

Our culture has strayed dramatically far from what it once was. A strong minded people determined to secure their freedom at all costs. They knew what freedom was and they were willing to fight for it. Once independence from the British empire was established, a new government was put in place. A government of laws not of men. The founders of this country were wise enough to know that government, if left unchecked, is an extremely dangerous thing. If not tightly controlled, it can grow beyond manageable size and power and overtake us. A safeguard was put into place to prevent such a thing from happening. The U.S. Constitution. This document along with the declaration of independence are the two most important documents in our country’s history. Together, they paved the way for future generations to be free of an oppressive government.

While we look at this fact, then we look at what we’re living in today, we cant help but ask ourselves, what the hell happened??? Our federal government has become very similar to the government of the British empire which our ancestors fled here to escape. Our bill of rights has been all but physically shreaded. How did this happen? The answer is a very complex one. One which would take several books to explain. So for the moment I will focus on one. We as a people have become dumbed down, ignorant and apathetic. Theres an expression I’ve heard many times. “The only thing it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing”. and that is exactly whats happened folks. We have become very ignorant and easily manipulated, believing damn near anything we see on CNN or MSNBC or Fox or any of the other state run news outlets. Its gotten to the point where many people wear their apathy like a shield, even when they are presented with factual information they dismiss is as “conspiracy none sense” while believing all the lies constantly being thrown in our face by the state-run mainstream media.

So how do we fix this? Well, similar to recovering from a drug addiction, we first have to admit that we have a problem. We have to admit that we have become addicted to the lies that have been shoved down our throats for years. And we have to make a conscious decision that we are done believing these lies that we want the truth. We obtain this truth by educating ourselves.

My intention is to inspire like minded people to seek the truth, to see through the fog that has been spewed around us to cover the truth that needs to be seen. And to re-discover our roots. Our founding principles which seem to have been lost over the past generations.

In these writings I will also bring attention to the corruption that has infected our government at all levels, abuse of powers by government, suppression of our constitutional rights, police brutality. All the important info you need to be informed about that you wont hear much of if you rely on TV for your news.

Knowledge is both our shield and our sword. It is the most powerful weapon in our arsenal. A well informed citizenry cannot be conquered!