The Federal Government, Our Modern Day Frankenstein’s Monster

In the 1931 film Frankenstein, Doctor Frankenstein becomes obsessed with the desire to discover the secret of life. One day he succeeds in creating a creature. But upon his success, he becomes horrified when he sees what exactly he’s created, a hideous disgusting monster.

We find ourselves in a similar situation today. In the year 1776 we created something. At first it was a good thing. It served us well and protected the sovereignty of our newly founded country. But over time it has become corrupt. It has been infiltrated and hijacked by foreign entities. And now instead of serving and representing us as it was intended to do, it has put us on a collision course with destruction. This hideous monster looming over us is the federal government.

When the 13 colonies came together to form a union, they did it with intentions of the people, the citizens to have full control of it through their elected representatives. When they voted on legislation, they did it with the will of their constituents in mind. The people held their representative’s feet to the fire when bad legislation, unconstitutional or otherwise was presented, to ensure the constitution was upheld and our freedoms not put in jeopardy. In the early years of our country, it was seen as an honor, a duty to represent the people. They knew the decisions they made would affect the generations to come. So they made their decisions carefully and with the best interest of the country in mind.

Fast forward to modern day…..

The people in Washington D.C. today, hardly deserve to be called people. They are monsters, disgusting evil creatures looming over us. They create terrorists attacks against us and use them as a reason to wage wars on other countries to support the military industrial complex and take more and more of our freedoms away all in the name of keeping us safe. Let us remember the wise words of Benjamin Franklin. “A nation that gives up a little freedom to gain a little security, deserves neither and will loose both”. Our government is illegitimate. They no longer represent “we the people.” Instead they represent multinational corporations and secret societies who manipulate the citizenry to carry out their own agendas. Don’t take my word for it. Look into it. Do your own research and you’ll find only a small number of people in our  government who do not have ties to huge corporations or secret societies. A good example is the council on foreign relations (CFR). The cabinet members of every presidential administration since Kennedy  have been filled with CFR members. The CFR is made up of the most influential members of the corporate world. They use their influence to create foreign policy as well as other things to suite their needs. The executive branch is simply their rubber stamp. This is just one example of how our government has been hijacked.

There is a huge misunderstanding among americans that the fed is the ultimate authority. Nothing could be further from the truth. The federal government is intended to facilitate commerce between the states, establish relations with foreign countries, establish a strong national defense, NOT TO RULE OVER ALL OF US. We the states created the federal government! We are the masters! Every power granted to the fed is listed in the constitution. If its not listed there, they dont have the authority to do it. Plain and simple.

You and me individually dont have the muscle to put this beast back on it’s leash. We have to take control of our government at the local and state level. We have to make it clear to them that we will not tolerate the fed’s continuing over reach of power. If the people in our state legislature are unwilling to step up and protect our state’s sovereignty, we kick them out and replace them. David Dewhurst and Joe Straus should have been dragged out by their hair and physically thrown out of the capital building the day they coward down to the feds over the state’s purposed anti tsa groping law a couple years back. If and when we send this clear message to our state legislatures. Our states can put the fed back in it’s place.


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